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The dandelion herb has been used for centuries to promote good health. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and other natural chemicals the body can use to overcome illness. Not only does it have medical uses, but it also has popular culinary uses. What Is The Dandelion Herb? Taraxacum officinal, meaning “the official remedy for […]

A common and desirable benefit of the horehound herb is its effectiveness as an expectorant to aid the discharge of congestive materials from the lungs. This is but one of the many ways that horehound has been used to support good health throughout history. Since its first documented use in Roman times, many people have […]

Eyebright is scientifically classified as Euphrasia. Some common names of Euphrasia are eyebright, meadow eyebright, and red eyebright. What is Eyebright? Eyebright is an annual plant that grows 2 to 8 inches tall in its common habitat. It has deep-cut leaves and small flowers that vary in color. The stem of the eyebright plant is […]

Galangal is a root in the rhizome family, which looks similar to ginger. Commonly used in traditional eastern medicine, galangal shares several healing properties with its cousin ginger. Galangal warms the body and aids in digestion. Also like ginger, galangal is a powerful anti-nausea remedy. Galangal is also a spice used frequently in East Asian […]

Ginseng is a slow-growing herb native to East Asia and North America. It is known for its stimulant effects on the body, but has many other purported uses for well-being and health. Although the studies on ginseng have proved inconclusive for the most part, health practitioners across the globe have used it to treat a […]

Herbal Remedies For Treating Common Health Problems Some of the most widely used herbal remedies will be discussed below. Where does the herb grow? What is the history and origin of its use? What claimed and actually proven benefits are associated with its use? These and many other questions and interesting facts about herbal remedies […]

What is Fennel? Fennel, scientific name foeniculum vulgare, is a plant found growing in many gardens in the United States due to its usefulness in the culinary arts as well as its medicinal properties. The plant species is indigenous to the Mediterranean shores but seems to grow wild in numerous areas of the world now. […]

Valerian, also known as Valerian root, garden valerian, tobacco root, garden helotripe, all-heal, and setewale capon’s tale, is a perennial herb that can reach a height of over 4 feet and blooms every summer. The flowers of the valerian plant have a very potent smell, often described as smelling like aged cheese, spoiled milk, or […]

Chamomile, known as a popular variety of tea, is actually made up of several different daisy-like plants that belong to the Matricaria genus. The genus Matricaria come from the Latin word matrix which means “womb.” Chamomile plants and can be different species; for example, Roman chamomile, or Chamaemelum nobile, is a different species than German […]

The Sambucus, also known as Elder or Elderberry, is the genus of 5 to 30 different varieties of shrubs and small trees. The Elderberry plant is characterized by feathery leaves, and topped off with clusters of white or cream-colored flowers followed by blue, purple, red, or black berries. Sometimes, though rare, the berries can be […]

The sweet-smelling Hawthorn herb comes from a thorny, hedge-like tree made famous in popular culture by the King Arthur legend. The medieval hero, who presided over the Knights of the Round Table in 12th century Britain, is buried under a Hawthorn tree at his English grave in Glastonbury. However, the Hawthorn tree, which can also […]

Fenugreek Seed A part of the family Fabaceae, Fenugreek is a plant that is used as a spice or as an herb; the seeds are used as spices while the leaves are used as herbs. One of its most well known uses is in curry. Although it is more commonly used as a spice, Fenugreek […]

Cannabis Basics Although often misunderstood, Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years. Cannabis was first grown in the regions of Central Asia and South Asia. There are three types of cannabis: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Much of the commercially available cannabis is harvested from plants that are hybrids of […]

Ginkgo biloba is native to eastern China. It was eventually brought to Japan and from there moved to the western world. Ginkgo trees can sometimes live for as long as 2,000 years and can reach heights of over 100 feet. They are extremely hardy; in fact, there are several ginkgo trees in Hiroshima, Japan that […]

The kaffir lime is a citrus fruit which hails from Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The kaffir lime is popularly used in Southeast Asian cooking, such as Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian cuisine. However, it can also be grown throughout the world as a backyard shrub. Names by Which the Kaffir Lime is Known The kaffir […]

Konjac is a perennial plant of the genus Amorphophallus that grows in tropical and subtropical regions of eastern Asia, from Indonesia to India, Japan and China. It is known primarily for its starchy corm, a tuber-like structure that is actually part of the plants stem, but which grows underground and acts as a storage organ […]

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) The benefits of the Wormwood have long been documented and has several benefits and remedies known to man. The following is an in depth look at the constitution and value of the herb and the most beneficial ways to make use of it. History & Origin The herb known as Wormwood comes […]

Pokeweed’s Humble Beginnings Pokeweed is a plant that has played an important part in traditional herbal treatments. A plant that is considered to be a native of North and Central America, Pokeweed is one among the several species of Phytolaccas (Phyton in Greek standing for plant and lacca in Latin meaning lacquer). It is also […]

History and Origin Natural liquorice/licorice is derived from the root of the plant glycyrrhiza glabra, a legume that is native to Asia and southern Europe. The plant grows to about three feet in height with leaves that are about three to six inches. It also contains tiny pale purple or blue flowers that are about […]

Garlic, today’s super food, has enjoyed a long and colorful history grounded in myth and folklore. Ancient Egyptians use of garlic has been found etched into walls of temples, and written on papyrus, as well as clay sculptures of the herb dating back to 3200 B.C. Although the Egyptians believed strongly in it’s healing powers […]

Where Does Yarrow Come From? Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, is also called milfoil, sanguinary, or stanchgrass, among a long list of other names. It is capable of surviving in most soils under most situations, however, it prefers well-drained soil in direct sunlight. These plants are capable of tolerating lime, shade, and lack of water. As […]

Where it’s Found Most common varieties of lavender are native of Mediterranean, Atlantic islands, Asia Minor and India, however, lavender can be grown nearly anywhere in the world. There are at least twenty-five species of lavender. How to Process Lavender Processing lavender begins with drying the flowers. For small gardens, the flowers are harvested and […]

Though science and technology has made great progress, we still tag on to many ancient techniques and traditions. We still use conventional methods of treatment with traditional herbs and ancient remedies despite the latest inventions in medical science. Various leaves, roots, stems, flowers and fruits found in different parts of the world contain medicinal qualities, […]

Dill Herb Medicinal Benefits It would probably be impossible to find someone unfamiliar with dill. After all, who hasn’t heard of dill pickles? Or dilly beans? Mostly recognized as a cooking herb, dill is also an effective medicinal herb for treatment of indigestion, menstrual cramps, cold and flu symptoms, and colic. Nursing mothers also find […]

Green Tea There are many different herbs out there today that promise you a lot of health benefits, but there are few that actually deliver on that claim. Green tea is one that not only makes good on that promise, but delivers health benefits in spades. Whether it being slowing down certain types of cancer, […]

Peppermint Nearly everyone has tasted and smelled peppermint. From candy to toothpaste, the peppermint herb is a plant that has many uses and not just for health reasons. Its sweet, but sharp, smell entices and soothes everyone. Where does the peppermint herb come from? The peppermint herb’s Latin name is Mentha Pepirita. It is a […]

Purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, is commonly known as Echinacea. The plant may also be referred to as the Eastern Purple Coneflower. The plant can be naturally found in the Midwest portion of North America. However, it is also found in eastern North America, as well. The flower thrives in a moist environment. While the plant […]

History and Origins Astragalus has been central to Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. It is considered an important tonic herb (an herb that works in several systems of the body) and is used to prevent and treat a wide range of physical, emotional and mental issues. Most commonly, Chinese practitioners prescribe Astragalus in order to […]

Psyllium originates from the husks of the seeds of Plantago Ovata. Plantago Ovata means literally “horse flower” and refers to the shape of the seed. The word can be found in the Persian language as a combination of the words “asb” and “ghol.” The popular fiber source is also referred to as Ispaghula. The genus […]

More than just a potent meal-time ingredient, garlic has been used for centuries to combat every aliment from sickness to hair loss. While some claimed uses are nothing more than myths, there is substantial evidence for legitimate health benefits. Studies have shown garlic to lower blood pressure, increase insulin production and work as a topical […]

Passion Flower Alternative Herbal Remedies Where It Comes From: The passion flower is a woody vine, which produces blooms with yellow centers surrounded by deep purple petals. It was named after the suffering of Jesus Christ during His crucifixion, by Christian missionaries arriving in South America in the sixteenth century. It has five sepals and […]

Hyssop Herb Hyssop refers to a tall growing, flowery semi-evergreen and herbaceous shrub that is native in both central and southern Europe. Historically, this kind of herb was used by lepers for cleansing prior to being allowed to be visited by relatives who did not suffer from leprosy. Even back in the day, everybody was […]

Feverfew Herb The botanical name for feverfew is tanacetum parthenium, belonging to the family Compositae. Parthenium is a derivative from the Greek “pur”, meaning “fire”, which is testament to the spicy hot taste of the root of the plant, and also to the blisters which form if the leaves are chewed. This herb is a […]

Goldenseal: The magical over harvested herb We’ve all heard about alternative remedies that come and go like dust in the wind. There are many choices out there for the consumer that wants to try these alternatives, but since science rarely backs up herbal solutions, there is not much stone cold proof available to us. However, […]

Dysphania ambrosioides or Chenopodium ambrosioides Epazote is an herb that is native to South and Central America. It has traditionally been used as an herbal remedy since the time of the Aztecs, and it is also an important herb in Mexican cooking. The flavor and scent of epazote are acquired tastes, however, and can be […]

St John’s Wort is a plant that is also known as Klamath or Tipton’s Weed. The true St John’s Wort is the species Hypericum perforatum but other species in the same genus, Hypericum, may also be referred to as St John’s Wort. There are an estimated 370 different species within this genus, all of which […]

Marijuana Medicinal Production Legitimate medical marijuana production is normally done in organic soil. Fertilizers are kept at a minimum and pesticide use is almost nil. Some producers of the only use natural sunlight. Other producers use hot lamps or artificial lighting. In a modern marijuana producing facility up to 134 varieties of cannabis are grown. […]

Referred to as the linden blossom in North America, the lime blossom is a very powerful, and useful,  medicinal flower. The flowers, inner bark, and leaves of the linden tree have been collected and used to treat a variety of illnesses for ages. The linden tree is a tree belonging to the tiliaceae family, and […]

The History And Benefits Of Jasmine Jasmine’ is a common name for plants classified in the genus Jasminium. There are over two hundred individual species of jasmine, which come from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The precise original location of jasmine is heavily disputed. Some botanists pinpoint as originating from India in the northern parts of […]