Marijuana Medicinal Production Legitimate medical marijuana production is normally done in organic soil. Fertilizers are kept at a minimum and pesticide use is almost nil. Some producers of the only use natural sunlight. Other producers use hot lamps or artificial lighting. In a modern marijuana producing facility up to 134 varieties of cannabis are grown. […]

Referred to as the linden blossom in North America, the lime blossom is a very powerful, and useful, ┬ámedicinal flower. The flowers, inner bark, and leaves of the linden tree have been collected and used to treat a variety of illnesses for ages. The linden tree is a tree belonging to the tiliaceae family, and […]

The History And Benefits Of Jasmine Jasmine’ is a common name for plants classified in the genus Jasminium. There are over two hundred individual species of jasmine, which come from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The precise original location of jasmine is heavily disputed. Some botanists pinpoint as originating from India in the northern parts of […]