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About Uric Acid

Uric acid is another substance that is created naturally by our body as it goes through the process of eliminating purine from the body. Purine is a substance that is naturally occurring in many food products with high concentrations in meat products. In another mystery of nature and biology it has been shown that too much uric acid can cause problems for the body while also showing some beneficial characteristics. How does this conflict work itself out and how is it possible to maintain a balance between overly high levels of uric acid and amounts that are too low to maintain essential benefits?

This article will provide a brief history of Uric Acid including a look at where it comes from, what foods contain the building blocks for uric acid, and popular uses. I will also show how it is used today and then I will examine some claims and myths about uric acid to discover the truth regarding this often misunderstood compound.

Where Does Uric Acid Come From?

As mentioned earlier, uric acid does not occur naturally but is a by-product of a natural process. Uric acid is produced when the kidneys process purines. Purines are a natural element found in almost all food types. The reason for this ubiquity is that purines are really an essential element for life as they are a part of the chemical structure of all plants and animals. There is a small sub-set of foods that contain a high concentration of purines. These include organ meats like kidneys, livers or fish such as mackerel and herring. When these foods are ingested, the purines are then broken down. The end result of this process is uric acid.

It seems like almost all of our natural processes have a downside, however, and it is not any different with uric acid production. Too much uric acid production can be taxing on the kidneys. The human kidneys is a master balancer as it ensures the right balance between uric acid that is needed for different bodily processes and left over uric acid that needs to dealt with. When too much uric acid is taken in, the kidneys process what is needed and then use the excess uric acid to form crystals. These crystals are then deposited into natural storage areas in our bodies.


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Unfortunately for humans, these storage areas are in various joints like elbows and knees, or far off appendages like toes. When too many of these crystals build up in these areas they can cause inflammation of the joints which can cause unbearable pain and swelling.

These are the unmistakable symptoms of gout. Gout has been with us for centuries. We have read about many a king who suffered from gout as a result of his unlimited appetite. King Henry is a historical sovereign who comes to mind immediately. It is due to the history of gout that we often think of it as a dead ailment. That is far from true. The same processes that created gout in the past are still around today causing suffering for new generations of humans.

Gout Myths

Gout from Uric Acid

That leads us to examine our first claim about uric acid; that uric acid and purine consumption will ultimately lead to gout. The statement is only half true. It is an excess consumption of purines that lead to an overabundance of uric acid and ultimately, gout. Uric acid, as it turns out, is an important element for humans to have around. Uric acid is actually an anti-oxidant that is responsible for maintaining the health of our blood vessel linings.

As a consequence, it is vitally important to maintain a moderate level of uric acid in our bloodstream. So, we can lay to rest the myth that all uric acid is damaging. Like all things natural, there needs to be a balance in order to maintain health and a complete lack of uric acid would actually lead to major problems.

Another claim around uric acid and purines is that all meat products are responsible for the same level of uric acid production. Recent research has turned this assumption on its head. When it comes to purines, not all foods are equal. Research is beginning to show that purines from meat products and fish will lead to gout more quickly than purines from vegetables. Vegetable consumption, surprisingly, actually neither increases nor decreases gout risk, while purines obtained from dairy products may decrease gout risk. So it may be important to include more dairy products in our diet to maintain our daily average of 600mgs of uric acid a day.

Decreasing Uric Acid Production

The problem that many run into when forced to decrease their uric acid production is that the foods with the highest concentrations of purines are some of the healthiest foods available. Chief among foods with high purine content is liver. Liver is also considered to be a vital, healthy food. Many people need to continue to eat some of these foods for other health reasons not related to their issues with uric acid and purines. A simple solution is to continue to eat healthy foods such as salmon, liver and asparagus. It may be wise to cut back on the portions.

Dietary Considerations

Another possible solution would be to boil some of these foods rather than frying or sautéing them. This leads us to the exploration of another claim regarding uric acid and purines.

Boiling Food

This claim states that cooking foods high in purine content actually increases the chance that excess uric acid production will occur. Recent examinations of this claim show that the way these foods are cooked is extremely important.

For instance, when boiling some of the high purine content foods, some of the purines become separated and end up in the water.

If the water is discarded, then the purine content of the food is actually decreased.

This leads to the conclusion that those people on a purine restricted diet due to high uric acid levels may not have to eat the majority of their foods raw.

They can actually cook some of their favorite foods and still decrease their uric acid levels.

Alcohol and Uric Acid

There has also been a claim throughout history that increased alcohol intake also leads to an overabundance of uric acid in the body and eventually, gout.

Again if we go back to our history lesson we often recall that many of the historic gout sufferers had a propensity for drinking copious amounts of red wine.

This claim is in fact true. Research has shown that alcohol does reduce the body’s water content. Water is needed to process purines into uric acid and to flush excess uric acid from the body. If this does not happen, then more uric acid crystals may be formed which again is a leading cause for a serious case of extremely painful gout.

Kidney Stones

Another side effect of increased uric acid in the blood is kidney stones. Kidney stones develop from inefficient kidneys. Kidneys that are busy processing very high levels of purines tend to lose their efficiency. This is obviously another important reason for monitoring purine and uric acid levels in the body.

Weight Loss

People that are severely overweight also usually have higher levels of uric acid than the general population. Researchers are not completely sure why this is the case but repeated studies have shown that people who reduce their weight also tend to increase the body’s efficiency in processing purines. Obviously, losing weight can help the body improve purine processing but if excess weight is dropped too rapidly, there can actually be a short-term spike in uric acid levels.

The reason for this is quite simple due to the fact that the body loses muscle during periods of extreme hunger. This is a reason that fasting or extreme dieting is not a good idea for lowering purine and uric acid levels. It is a much better idea to go on a stable diet that focuses on food with lower purine levels while drinking plenty of water.

Soft Drinks and Uric Acid

Now it’s time for a quick word about soft drinks and their link to increased uric acid levels. It turns out that alcoholic beverages are not the only liquid villain when it comes to high uric acid levels and gout. People who drink just two soft drinks a day have an 85% greater chance of developing a case of gout than those who do not. This is due to the high levels of fructose in soft drinks.

The kidneys have a tough time processing large amounts of the fructose found in soft drinks. This naturally leads to questions about other sugary foods such as candy or syrups. It would be wise to avoid those food choices as well. Candy is high in fructose and should be avoided as well.

Ways to Avoid Issues

That covers most of the claims regarding uric acid. There are some things that can help reduce the potential for developing gout that can be used in conjunction with drinking plenty of water and following a diet with lower levels of purine.


First and most important is regular exercise. It seems like exercise is indeed the magic elixir for maladies and it helps with high uric acid levels as well. It may be the fact that exercise is related to lower levels of uric acid through weight reduction alone but it has been shown to be helpful.

Fruit & Vegetable Supplements

It also appears that celery and celery extracts can have a positive impact on uric acid levels. Celery can now be taken in a capsule form. Celery extract is perfectly legal and is available through a number of online herb shops. It looks like most sites are selling doses that run from 50 to 100mgs and the price ranges from $6 to $20 a bottle and most bottles contain anywhere from 50 to 100 capsules.

As with any drug, herb or extract, do your homework and check with your doctor to ensure that there will not be any dangerous conflicts with prescriptions you are currently taking and that there will not be any side effects that could also detract from the effectiveness of some of your prescriptions.

Eating Cherries

Finally, there is some late breaking research that shows that cherries might also contain elements that are effective in battling increased uric acid levels. The cherries have to be tart and they work by dissolving some of the uric acid crystals that build up in the joints.


It also bears repeating that water is an essential ingredient for processing purines. The kidneys, and every other organ, for that matter need water to function. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day should dramatically reduce uric acid levels in the body in a short period of time.

Keeping a Healthy Uric Acid Level

That wraps up this brief look at purines and uric acid. In summary, it is important to note that purines and uric acid are not necessarily bad things. Purines are found in just about every conceivable food and are an essential element of life. The production of uric acid is a completely normal process and we humans need uric acid to improve the condition of our blood vessels.

Like everything else in nature and in life, there has to be a balance. The body does react negatively when uric acid levels get too high by storing the excess in joints and appendages. It is important to remember that when this happens, balance can be restored by switching to a low purine level diet and increasing the intake of water to help the kidneys process purines effectively.

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  • Reply Jorge sardina

    My uric acid is 6.6,is that high?

    • Reply mansoor ali

      The Normal level 3 – 7 ; you should reduce your level.

      Dont take skimmed food, more salt, meat etc..

      Try to control for 3 months after that you will feel..

      Every day 1 glass of lime drink, 1 glass of watere with 2 tease spoon Apple cider vinegar take

  • Reply Ratna

    What should we eat to decrease uric acid level

    • Reply Abubakar Salim

      What to eat and reduce uric acid

  • Reply jayanta paul

    my uric acid 7.9 pl advice me

    • Reply Bimal Nanda

      My wife’s uric acid reached to 7.3
      how to balance & what should be the safer zone

  • Reply vicente diano

    plsss give me advise my uric acid is 11.2 im suffer to much pain now

  • Reply LAKSHMI

    My Uric Acid level is 7.9. I am purely vegetarian. Please suggest me eating haibts like what is the things to be added and what is the things to be avoided like milk, nuts etc., My haemoglobin level is also 11.9.

  • Reply sharda


    MY URIC ACID IS 6.9,what do you think of it?

    Is it very high? How long will it take To decrease , if I use those natural remedies such water tec.

  • Reply sumit singh

    plz tell me what i take most or not
    my uric acid 7.7 pl advice me

  • Reply Dilip ghosh

    My uric acid level is 8 approx.
    what should I eat in daily diet?

    • Reply sanjay dubey

      my serum uric acid level is 7.9, how can i control my serum uric acid

      • Reply bilal inam

        dear use apple vinegar to control uric and inflammation level, more over you can use turmeric, Devils claw,
        Olive Oil, and Omega 3 fish oil. keep remember not omega 6 it should be 3, other wise 6 will flame up.


        Bilal Inam

  • Reply Kamal Kant Agarwal

    i am 50/M. my uric acid level is 8.1 , presently I am having pain in my heel which occurred after 3 years. Since last month I had changed in my diet, I started taking more rotis and more green vegetables and reduced the intake of fruits, Please suggest me something over the same

    • Reply paresh Merchant

      Hello Agarwalji,it has come under control by drinking 3 2 years and litres of plain water, eating cabbage-patta gobi and boiled potatoes.Avoid Moong,dal rajma or other such pulses which are 2 headed such as grams.Grams,chana etc have double heads.Et only single headed pulse like moong dal-green or yellow rawa suji, mula–radish, tomatoes etc and see the difference.My age is 52 and I have no other health issues.


  • Reply T

    How long is the cycle from the consumption of the food until the uric acid is utilized and disposed of?

  • Reply german

    Hi,my uric acid reach to 6.3 is this high,Im suffering of joint pains. Pls advice what to do

  • Reply ramesh

    my uric acid level is 8.7 and i am suffering from tenis elbow from last 8 months please sugest me.

  • Reply Barbara Stirling

    What is the normal level for uric acid?

    • Reply lovedeep

      normally uric acid rate is 2 to 7 level is 8.4 which is high

  • Reply rajesh

    My uric acid level was 7.0. After Medication it has come to 3.5 .Once I stop taking medicines level increased to 4.5 and in another 2 weeks again increased to 6.8.
    What should be and how to maintain the levels .
    I am worried whether the problem remains for the life time ?
    Please reply to this, I am too tensed

  • Reply shahid

    my uric acid level is 8.4 please advice how we reduce that level.

    • Reply lovedeep

      same I have…but I don’t know how to reduce it…I feel tired because of it.

    • Reply irfana osman

      pls take isbagole bhussy every day in the morning one table spoon with water or milk inshaaallah it will work no side effects

  • Reply Erode Kannan

    There are many Natural Medicines for Lowering Uric Acid. The Best is Celery Seed. Celery Seed Extract Tablets or Capsules are Best for Lowering the Uric Acid From Blood. Take Celery Seed Extract Tablets and drink plenty of water. But when you suffer from GOUT, You must not take Celery Seed Extract Tablets. For Gout you can Take Devils Claw Capsules and after the pain goes, Start Taking Celery Seed Extract Tablets. Take Blood Test Every Week. You will have to stick on to Diet for 3 months while taking Celery Tablets. Try It, It Works without Side Effects.

  • Reply Erode Kannan

    Stop Alcohol, Non-Veg, Mushroom, Califlower, Tomottos, Oily Stuffs, Canned Food, Soft Drinks, Dont skip your meals. Follow this for 3 months with Celery Seed Extract Tablets. Also Cherry Juice or Capsules Lowers Uric Acid, You can take it with Celery Seed Tablet. But dont take at once you take Celery Seed Tablets. Take in different time.

  • Reply Naina koirala

    My mom (amrita koirala)have uric acid problem.the level of uric acid is for control what should be done.reply plz

  • Reply K L Saha

    My uric level is 5.69.Since 1 month i am feeling pain in my wright elbow. What is the remedy? please help. I am 60 yrs old.


    if uric acid more than 6 levelpl. guide me to control my uric acid

  • Reply bikram_m

    all guys take too much water , consult ur docter , i have 8.0 uric acid , inow i avoid eggs meat wine , its best way to reduce uric acid doo exersie not to high level little bit… keep ur feet in hot water and massage with oil reguler u will feel better

  • Reply Neelam Seth

    Name of the edible items in case of high Uric Acid. My uric acid is 5.9. Name the edible items in fruits and vegetables. I am pure vegetarian.

  • Reply Florie

    My husband was sufferring before to high uric acid.. He can’t even walk due to it…Then a friend of our share this product after a week it is being testified that my husband uric acid is ok. Before I was skeptic to try but everytime I saw my husband’s sufferring we try the product and it’s worth a try.. He’s ok now and he can also foods that are high in uric at the same time he’s not sufferring from pain anymore. If you got interested please email me at

  • Reply Chen

    My Finger started pain both , is it high uric acid/?

  • Reply salman

    my question that my uric acid is 8.0 my some body part is i can redus uric acid used natural or herbal.

  • Reply saurabh

    My uric acid is 7.4mg what is the treatment.Is Bencid tablet is good to reduce uric acid. please let me know.

  • Reply fouzia khan

    hi, my husband(37 yrs old) faced this problem. He cannot stand up and walk also.Could u please advise me how can he be safe from these uric acid problem. this is his first time.

  • Reply Prab

    my uric acid is 8.3 & Cholestrol is 253. I want less it please help me………..

  • Reply Muhammad Nadeem

    i am 33 years old. i m suffering from uric acid i.e. 7.7. due to which i have pain in my back bone 7 left leg from hip to knee. please suggest me best medicine and diet to reduce the uric acid level.


  • Reply Kannan

    Celery Seed Extract Tablet Available in INDIA in the name of Ortho Cure 3000. Take one tablet in empty stomach in the morning with plenty of water & another tablet in the evening with plenty of water. continue for 3 months. You will see the difference in the first week itself , Ur Serum Uric Acid Level will come down to normal. While taking Celery Tablets u must consume 3 to 4 Liters of water everyday. Avoid Non-Veg, Sugr, Oily stuff, Cool Driks like soda soft drinks, butter, Mushroom,. Take Pure veg. You will be amazed in 10 days. My Uric Acid Level was 11.09-mg/dL , after taking Celery Seed Extract Tablets it came to 3.00-mg/dL.

  • Reply RNS TOMAR

    i am 36 years old. i m suffering from uric acid i.e. 7.7. due to which i have pain in my great toe left leg in joint. please suggest me best medicine and diet to reduce the uric acid level.thanks!

  • Reply Ravindra Nath

    I have gout at my right great toe and having 6.8 uric acid level in blood. How I reduce my uric acid. Pl advice me.

  • Reply Nazmul

    My uric acid level is 7.3. I like vegetables. Please advice me which vegetables i should avoid.

  • Reply Anil


    i am 31 years old. i m suffering from High uric acid i.e. 7.1. due to which i have pain in my right top shoulder and whole right arm. Please suggest me best medicine and diet to reduce the uric acid level.


  • Reply jus saying

    people…stop eating red meat. this includes milk, sour cream, cheese. (all these come from red meat animals) red meat contians the highest uric acid.

  • Reply Neelam Seth

    I have 5.8 uric acid and if it is high then we should I eat.

  • Reply satish kumar

    i am 40 years old. i m suffering from High uric acid i.e. 8.1. what should i eat? satish kumar

  • Reply first

    my uric acid level is 6.8 .how i controle it &what i do .plz guide me for died

  • Reply first

    my uric acid level is 6.8 .how i controle it &what i do .plz guide me for diet .

  • Reply Muhammad Amir

    sir my name is Muhammad Amir 42 years old and from Pakistan. sir my i am last 3 years patient high uric acid 11.1 have lot of pain in my foot. sir tell me about a slotion it?



  • Reply merrill

    Take alfalfa tablets, it is excellent for neutralizing UA and Celery Seed Extract twice daily. Avoid organ meats, red meats and especially beers. Drink organic milk or yogurt and plenty water. Do moderate exercise for about 30 mins per day not only will it help with your UA but it will be beneficial for your overall health. Avoid fast weight loss program as this can increase UA production. Try to balance your ph levels by drinking lemon juice in a glass of water and lastly drink cherry juice without sugar.

  • Reply Pearlingeyes

    I am from pakistan.age 26yr ,suffer from high uric acid i.e 6.2.pain in joints when stand r sit.ds problem is from lst 9 mnths.plz guide me.i am much tensd.

  • Reply danish

    my uric acid is 6.6 from 1 moth and i m feeling pain in body,,,,,,,tell me what is gout and its done after uric level increased plz inform me all history and in pakistan what tai have to use becoz in pakistan there is less concept of elopathic medicine

  • Reply geeta pushkin

    hi sir i m 40 years old i m suffering from uric acid my acid level 8.00 and i have foot finger pain to much and my legs and feet are swelling now i start drinking water 5 let. i drink in one day and i take tablet zyloric 100mg. but i have back pain and spl. winter time my both knee are very painful and sometime i cannot walk and spl. satire that time doc. say u have gout but summer time not this problem what i do pls. tell me always my hands finger and feet finger paining what i eat and what i do i live in bahrain so pls.tell me my weight is 85kg. what type food i eat guide me

  • Reply shakeel

    i’m 30 years, my uric acid is 9.5 and suffering pain in both foot heal. plz suggest me foods and medicine

  • Reply Chesta

    MY Mother’s uric acid is 8.10 how to reduce it.Plz. Send me each details.It’s very urgent.

  • Reply subhas shil

    I am 34 yers old. My uric acid level 8.3-is it very harmful for me? only diet my I reduce my acid level or not?

  • Reply Ashok prajapati

    My wife is 29 year old, pureveg, non drinker, non smoker women. Her syrum uric acid level is 6.88. Very much pain in left leg heel & above ankle part is paining too much. Its almost 1 month passed. Please advise me some healthy food / need to change the diet/ any homeopathy medicine… Also advise how much time it will take to reduce the level of uric acid & pain as well.

  • Reply Krishna

    I’m 43 yrs, my Uric Acid level is now above 9.I’m suffering from heavy pain from knees & joins while walking. I’m vegetarian and I use alcohol -whiskey (2 -3) pegs every day. How ca I reduce my Uric Acid level to reduce my joint pain?

  • Reply munir

    my uric acid is 7.5 what i can do? sir my feet are also burning bp is high 160

  • Reply sadik

    Hi i am 40 my uric levl is 7.5 . My heel pain about 9 months. pls let me know what is the minimum uric acid level in human body. what are the food item to avoid and what are the item to eat.

  • Reply Sadaqat Hussain

    I am 40. My uric acid level is 6.3. feeling pain in heel. Concrete 3mm in left kidney


    I am 43 years old man and my Uris acid level is 7.3. I am only eating fish and vegetables, not eating red meet or egg or chicken. But still not coming down the Uric acid level. Please advise me how to reduce this.

    • Reply Rajesh Rane

      Hi this is rajesh and i have something good for your uric acid problem like lack of uric acid or raising the Uric Acid

  • Reply Washiongton

    Can be gout(crystals) be locates at small toe, ankle or in between small toe and ankle on feet tendons (left foot ,exterior side of foot)?

  • Reply harsh

    Hey everyone, this is harsh from india. I have something too strong to help you guys out of uric acid and the thing directly helps and repairs your dna and entire system. For know more about the products contact me on +918306004665

  • Reply george

    I have severe pain in my knee due to high uric acid, what to do?

  • Reply selvan

    my uric asid 9.5 eni medicen

  • Reply Lhanz

    Hi. My uric acid level is 11.1 mg/dl. 🙁 . Am i the only one who has this level of uric acid? during gout attack, the only part in my foot that aches is in mid foot of my right foot (cuboid bone) do any others experience this too? please help me.

  • Reply Anand Kumar Gupta

    My uric acid is 7.9 level — mujhe kya food khana hai batayee app sabhi

  • Reply Servar Khan

    Two things must avoid to reduce uric acid and further gout attack.
    1. Purine (Protein from Animal Sources) which includes Red meat, oil fish, shell fish, prawn, organs (kidney, liver etc). You can take chicken in less quantity as per uric acid accumulation in your body. Fruit and vegetable including Mango, spanish, Red Lentils, Cabbage, nuts, peas, mashroom and beans need to be stopped. Vegetable protein are less harmful than animal for uric acid.
    2. Fructose. The bakery items, sweet fruit juices, candies, chocolate, honey, high fructose corn syrup, donuts etc which has high fructose need to be stopped.

  • Reply Servar Khan

    The following diet plan suits me as the best to maintain my uric acid and gout control.
    1. Early morning on empty stomach (1 Glass water + 1 lemon juice + 1 tb spoon apple ciger viengar) to make my body aklaine.
    2. 1 Salary Seed Extract table 75 mg with water.
    3. 15 minutes Excercise.
    4. Breakfast with low fat and low protein items with milk
    5. Lunch with routine items (but non-protein and sugar free) with one glass of cherry tart juice (sugar free).
    6. After noon, 1 Banana to compensate potassium level (apple cider vinegar drains potassium).
    7. Dinner with routine items (but non-protein and sugar free)
    8. Take Salary Seed Extract table 75 mg with water.
    9. 15 minutes Excercise.
    10. Take plenty of water whole day (Salary seed will dehydarte body so to compensate atleast take 10 glass of water in a day).

    Take 2 time chicken and 1 time fish in a week.


    Anybody can see me at

  • Reply Irshad Malik

    Hi Dear M/S,
    What should we eat to decrease uric acid level ?
    I am 40 years old. I am suffering from High uric acid i.e. 8.6 and please confirm can I take milk on regular basis and Uric Acid will not increase due to milk ?
    Irshad Malik

  • Reply Mohammad Azmat

    I am 23 years old, my Uric Acid level is now above 6.9 I’m suffering from heavy pain from knees & joins while walking. what i can do for reduce uric acid please help me

  • Reply Sahadulla AK

    My Uric Acid Level- 8.6
    Please Advise

  • Reply Syedzada

    Dear All , I am just 30 year old and suffered from uric acid from last 2 years only due to lack of seriousness , I didn’t go to doctor but now when got too much pain , I visited doctor and give uric acid test and had 9.1 uric acid and A lot of pain on my both knees and toe’s. With the help of medicine Zurig 80 mg one tab on daily basis at midnight and a best (desi) Hakeem formula I cured and now my reports are normal,Alhamdulilah
    Formula with Ingredients:
    Take 1000 ml water mix with green cardamom (Elaichi) 4 to 5 piece, 2 table spoon niseed / Fennel (Saunf) and very low quantity less than half tea spoon of Tea shrub and boil this mixture till water remain 750 ml After done save this liquid for a whole day and then you should drink this liquid atleast 8 to 10 times. Make sure drink will take Hot everytime and you can also add light sugar or salt as per your desired taste. Inshaa’Allah it will help you a lot , Stay blessed.

    • Reply taufiq

      please advise redusre uric acid leval.

  • Reply Arif khan

    best medicine for uric acid
    Dabar Yugraj gugglu
    Dabar Maharasnadi kawath and Amaravati Ras Its helpful for All kinds of Uric acids problema

  • Reply Steve

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I’m 44 years of age and had inflammatory arthritis for 3 years and take medication. The last 4 weeks have been terrible with gout in my right ankle which came on 24 hours after a drinking session. After that episode I stopped alcohol and improved my diet. Then last week I got gout in my right knee which was terribly painful. I purchased a Uric acid tester and monitored my level and at the same time the hospital prescribed me colchicine. The Uric acid level lowered to 5.3 but having completed the medication it’s now going up and is now at 11.1. Any ideas on what’s happening

  • Reply Anil Toshniwal

    my uric acid 8.00 pl advice me


      pl dear drink lemon juice apple acider vingar baking soda in water for a one two months

  • Reply be a human

    for reduce uric acid in blood , take lemon juice on empty stomach at contain alkaline. it will help to reduce uric acid.. and stop to eat chicken beans fish coffine (coffee) as well alcohol…take plenty of water as much as can… thk u..


    my uric acid is 8.3 how i can reduce it

  • Reply Morshid Alam

    my uric Acid is 7.56. for this reason i feel pain my joint & Leg ma-cal . how can i recover this problem please.

  • Reply Ashok bc

    I am 28 yrs . uric acid is 10.2 how can i reduce its to much pain

  • Reply Odhie c.

    i am 40 and my uric acid level is at 10.3, i know that taking such meds like pain killers will soon have a side effect, what would be the most efficient way to reduce the pain in a short period of time,

  • Reply Anil

    Hi my uric acid is age is tell me of this is higer side i always feel pain in my foot palms and hand suggest what are do’s and dont’s

  • Reply Ashoke

    Fantastic post!!!
    For people with high uric acid- avoid non- veg / alcohol/ aerated drinks etc

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