Resveratrol: Is It The Next Fountain Of Youth?

You may have been hearing about the new “wonder drug” or “fountain of youth pill, either on TV, radio, or internet. Resveratrol has been proclaimed as a “miracle drug” by many people. You may be wondering, “What is Resveratrol?” “Where can I get it?” “What does it do?” Let’s start with the basic information.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is formed through chemical synthesis from Japanese knotweed. It’s a phytoalexin which is produced naturally by an assortment of plants when they are under attack by fungi or bacteria.

Main Source

Resveratrol comes in two primary sources: from Japanese knotweed and also, the skin of red wine grapes. Modern advances in science have allowed Resveratrol to be taken from natural sources. Fortunately, because it would take hundreds of glasses of wine to reach the equivalence of the amount of Resveratrol that you could get in the form of a supplement.
resveratrol natural remedy
These are not the only forms where Resveratrol is found. You can also find smaller doses of Resveratrol in cranberries, blueberries, peanuts, and pomegranate.

History and Origin

In early 1990 is when the interest of Resveratrol began, it was then discovered that it was found to be in red wine. Over the years Resveratrol was studied, but it was in 2006 when a study conducted on mice at Harvard, showed the longevity and life span of 31% of the mice.

The mice also experienced healthier aging, and also a healthier and stronger heart. What were these mice given? Resveratrol. Once word was out about this “life saving drug” everyone couldn’t help but be curious if it actually works.

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As with all new drugs on the market, there are many misconceptions linked with this “wonder drug.” Even though Resveratrol is found in the skin of red wine grapes, it is not extracted from this source.

The majority of Resveratrol comes from the Japanese Knotweed. Although, the method of extracting this supplement from red wine grapes would work, the Japanese Knotweed provides a better quality product and is a less expensive.

It is also believed that only red wine grapes contain Resveratrol, although the white grapes do contain levels of Resveratrol, it is simply incomparable to the red white grape, which contains a larger quantity.

Benefits of Resveratrol

There are many benefits that you can obtain from taking Resveratrol to improve your overall health. Some of the claimed benefits from Resveratrol include:

  1. Extend longevity of life as well as assist with healthy aging
  2. Less visible signs wrinkles that come with aging.
  3. Reduces the risk of heart disease, insulin resistance and diabetes
  4. Works as an anti cancer treatment as well as an anti inflammatory
  5. Aids in the process of weight loss and speeds up your metabolism
  6. Improve and boost energy levels

Although these benefits are claimed to be controlled by Resveratrol, there are still proven cases that are still up for debate. We all realize how serious cancer is, and may have even affected someone we know, it would be great if Resveratrol could alleviate cancer, and however scientists and researchers are still studying this theory and have not confirmed 100% that Resveratrol can prevent or treat cancer at this time.

Weight Loss

Many say Resveratrol assists to increase a person’s metabolism. Your metabolism plays a large role in how rapidly you shed excess. When you have a speedy metabolism it breaks down food more rapidly so fewer calories are absorbed and converted into fat.

Resveratrol is also said to help boost your energy level. When your energy level is increased you are more likely to sustain exercise and movement longer. Weight loss, although difficult to incorporate, is actually a fairly simple process. Just remember calories in means calories out. This means in order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in.
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Resveratrol is also suggested to help suppress your appetite. The leading cause of obesity is eating too much, so if you can suppress your appetite and exercise regularly, then you have the odds in your favor to start losing that weight.

Different Forms

There are several forms in which you can find Resveratrol; however, they are not all as effective.

  • Transdermal- This form comes in a cream or lotion that you apply directly to the skin. There are also transdermal patches that you can get and apply to the skin, such as that of a band aid, or a nicotine patch and the Resveratrol releases into your skin. The success rate of this method is still undetermined at this time. Researchers can not be sure how much, if any of the Resveratrol is being absorbed by your skin.
  • Powder- This form is simply added to your water or drink, you can also add it to your food, it is said to be tasteless. As of right now, the clarity if you actually absorb enough Resveratrol through this form has still yet to been confirmed. Many believe that your body processes it as waste and gets rid of it.
  • Capsule- This is the most effective form, this is believed because each dose is said to contain the equivalence of 100 glasses of red wine. Your body is also said to absorb Resveratrol in this form greater than with the other forms available.


How much should you take? The recommended dose of Resveratrol depends on what kind of health a person is in, how old they are and several other factors. Due to the research that is ongoing with Resveratrol, a set dosage has not currently been standardized. Just because it is a natural product, don’t think that it can’t harm you if taken too much. You want to make sure to follow instructions completely, if you have any questions be sure to contact your doctor of medical professional.

As Resveratrol is still undergoing many tests and discussions, it is not a product recommended for children at this time. Their bodies are not fully developed, and even though there have not been any harmful side effects to Resveratrol, why take the change and risking your child’s health? Besides they are still young and don’t need to worry about wrinkles, or slowing down the signs of aging.

The two chief complaints for Resveratrol not working is because people either consumed too much or it, or didn’t take it in enough to make a difference.

Side Effects

Even though Resveratrol is all natural there are still risks and side effects from taking Resveratrol, or taking too much of it. Resveratrol can act as a blood thinning agent, so if you are currently being treated for any blood thinning issues you are going to want to check with your doctor and see how it is going to interact with Resveratrol.

Pain in the joints or tendons that connect to the bones is also said to be a side effect, if taken too much of the supplement, researchers are still puzzled as to why this might be.

Others who have taken Resveratrol have complained about not being able to sleep, stomach pain, diaherra, and aching in the feet, hips, and hands.

Costs of Resveratrol

Since Resveratrol first came to light and everyone is hearing the hype, companies want to cash in on these products. Companies are competing for your business for this wondrous cash crop. This is both good and bad for consumers. With all of the different products out there and all promising the same results, and that they offer the purest form, which one is the best? The jury is still out on the exact answer to the question, as with any product you are going to want to research each and make a choice that is based on your needs. Here are some of the leading competitors out there.

  • ResVer XP- This product contains 100mg of Resveratrol per serving. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try it for 30 days and you are not satisfied you can simply send back what you have left of the Resveratrol and you get 100% of your money back. A 30 day supply costs about $40 if you make your purchase from their website. They are also offering a 21 day free trial.
  • RevGenetics-This product has a Resveratrol purity rate of 99%, and has been tested independently by 3 different US laboratories. RevGenetics did not only meet the FDA minimum requirements, they exceeded them. A bottle of 60 capsules can cost about $ 49, and can be found online at or
  • ResV Max- ResV Max is also currently offering a free 30 day trial. You are responsible to pay shipping and handling charges, but you do get to try this product and see for yourself if it works for you.
  • Vital ResV- Here is another company that is offering a full 30 day money back guarantee for you to try their product. They are also offering the free 14 day trial period as well.

As mentioned there are a lot of products to choose from if you want to try and get the most effective, purest form of Resveratrol, which is the bad news, however, with all of these companies competing for your business and offering free trials, why not take advantage of the deals. What do you have to lose besides wrinkles and weight?

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